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Based in Bangkok in the heart of Thailand, we are able to service clients throughout Thailand and South East Asia with professional web design services and solutions for small to large customers. Whether you need a 1-page business website or a fully functional online ecommerce store, we can build your dream website for you.

Web design prices from only 15,000 THB


Website Design

We are experts in the field of web design and can build you any type of website for any industry such as hotels, legal firms, online sales, bars or restaurants and more.

E-commerce Stores

Getting an online web store built is easy with descorpmedia.com. This is the best way to start making money fast with your own store selling any products you wish online.

Web Hosting

We have one web hosting package that has been custom built to suit every website online. No need for confusion with multiple packages or prices – one package for all.

Domain Name Registration

Every website needs a domain name to represent your online brand. If your .com domain name has been taken, we can help you find alternatives.


DESCORPMEDIA.COM are a Thailand based web design firm with staff who are experts in the field of web design, online marketing, web hosting, domain name registration, SEO, Google AdWords, online advertising and more. No job is too little and no job is too big. Contact staff today to find out how we can help you and your business.

We are very proud to provide web services and solutions in Thailand for affordable costs with no hidden charges. Furthermore, all websites are professionally designed in-house by experts with many years experience in running and maintaining a successful business online.

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Why Choose Us


We have been in business since 1999. In the field of website design that’s a very, very long time. The fact we are an established web design company will significantly help your business. We are here for the long run and have accumulated many years of experience and expertise in the fields of web design. Running an online business isn’t easy, but it can be if you take the advice of professionals who can back up what they say with a successful website of their own.

High Quality

Having a high quality website is fundamental to the success of your business for many obvious reasons. But one important aspect of every web design is that it is designed to function well across all web browsers and all devices such as tablets, desktop PC’s, Laptops and all the major brands of mobile phones such as Samsung and Apple. With almost every single person performing searching and using mobile phones online, your website must be mobile friendly.

Fast & Efficient

We can build professional websites in a matter of days using all the resources and members of team from every web design company we own. We have expert programmers who really are the very best in the field of web design. We work tirelessly and endlessly to achieve the right design and the right look and feel for your company. We provide unlimited website design revisions making sure we get the right look. We are fast and efficient and we won’t let you down.

Save Costs

Why would you pay 2000 Baht for a bottle of wine in Tops when the exact same bottle of wine is available in Villamart for half the price? Too many people in life think because something is more expensive then it must be better or because something is cheaper then it can’t be as good. Sometimes maybe, but quite often that’s not the case. Our service prices are considerably cheaper than most web design companies in the UK and we have no hidden costs.

Free Service Quote

Getting a quote for your website is a very simple process. Just tell us all you can about your business and what you need and we can tell you the price with no hidden costs.

We have zero hidden costs. All we need to know is what type of website you need such as an information site or online store. If you are unsure, that’s ok, we are here to help you understand what you need to do.

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The prices for our services will vary depending on the type of website you need as well as it’s complexity. Prices for web design start at 15,000 THB for a 1-5 page information website with ecommerce sites starting at 18,000 THB.

How you can save costs

All websites we build have a backend admin area where you can add as many new pages or products as you wish. So to save costs, it is advisable that we build your website for you exactly how you would like it, but then if you require any new web pages then you can add them fast and easily at no extra costs.

Adding new pages and products is incredibly easy to do and you can even duplicate a page or product and then edit accordingly via the backend by clicking one simple link. This can save you so much time and money without the need to ask your web designer to do it for you.


1-5 Page Information Website: 15,000 THB

5+ Page Information Website: Please contact staff with full requirements

E-commerce Website: Prices starting from 18,000 THB

Web Hosting & Email: 1st year free with new website designs or 4200 THB per year

Domain Names: 1st year free with new website designs or starting from 600 THB per year

SSL Certificate: 3900 THB per year

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